Kimberly Clark Credit Union is offering a New/Free Service
to Prevent Debit and Credit Card Fraud

Sign up for smsGuardian ServiceTM for Text Alert Fraud Prevention

Your Credit Union is looking out for you! Sign up for our new smsGuardian serviceTM and you’ll receive text messages regarding activity on your credit and debit cards. If you receive a text about a transaction that you believe is fraudulent, you can reply immediately and your card will be blocked to prevent further criminal activity. If you receive a text and you know the purchase is legitimate, you won’t need to reply or do anything.

Here’s an example of what the service looks like in action. You might receive a text message like this:
"Guardian Alert on card 12341 at XYZ Store2 for $500.003. Reply AA1234NO if unauthorized. Reply STOP to cancel alerts."
1This will be the last four digits of your card number.
2This will be the name of the merchant.
3This will be the purchase amount.

If you receive a text and you know the purchase is legitimate, you don’t need to reply. If you think it’s fraudulent, you reply AA1234NO (per this example – Note: this will change with each text received) and your card will be blocked. Once Kimberly Clark Credit Union receives notification of the block, we will issue you a new card and have it sent to you as quickly as possible. You can choose to cancel this service at any time by replying with the message “STOP.”

The card transactions that will prompt a text to you include:
Out of state transactions
Fuel transactions
Authorizations greater than $100
3 or more transactions in a 24 hour period
A few more details:

  • Enrollments will be good for a period of one year. You will be notified prior to expiration of your Guardian account and you may text a reply to renew.
  • Changing your mobile service provider may require you to re-enroll your mobile device.
  • The cell phone or mobile device must have the ability to send and receive text messages and the use of “short codes” must not be blocked. Short codes are special telephone numbers, often five digits long, which are used to send text messages from mobile phones.
  • You are responsible for any text messaging fees from your phone or tablet service carrier.
  • To enroll, you will need your 16 digit card number, your mother’s maiden name, the phone number you have provided to Kimberly Clark Credit Union as your home phone number, and the phone number of the device on which you want to receive the text alerts.
It’s simple and easy to enroll so do it today and start enjoying some peace of mind. Visit our enrollment site at to register your credit/debit cards and mobile devices.

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